Tuesday, 24 May 2016

6 Myths About Sex Offenders That Should Be Debunked

People considers sex offenders a threat to the society and yes they actually are, but not all sex offenders remain criminal forever. Some of them changes into general innocent civilian. Very few of them have recidivism. Recidivism is repetition of criminal behavior. There are several facts about sex offenders that needs to be changed, because the way society views them are not always real, below are some myths about them:-

1.Sex Offenders Always Commit Crime

According to a survey of 2004, only 5.3% of the offenders offend again, and rest remains civilized after the first punishment. But generally people think of them as a potential risk to the society.

2.Treatment Is Not Effective

This one is common myth cultivated by number of people, a belief that sex offenders never get treated, it’s just damn formality and nothing else. But actually it is quite effective in making them a better soul, they actually become more judgemental thereafter.

3.Strangers Can Harm Our Children

It is not always the strangers, but relatives too. Known people are sometimes bigger threat to our homes and it the reason why most of the molestation cases comes against the known family members. It can be a known uncle, any cousin brother or distant relatives. According to a report by Bureau of Justice Statistics, only 7 % criminal offences are committed by strangers but 93% are committed by known members.

4.Banning Sex Offenders From Some Places Is The Solution

If they hold any sinister intention, they will commit crime at any place. So banning them from places where kids and children aggregates will not make any difference.

5.Though Legislation Can Stop Them At Once

Protection against threat is first secured by the family itself, not the government and its legislation. Laws and judgement are there to punish the offenders but security and care first begins at home.

6.Revers Phone Look Up Tools Are Not Effective

These kind of services are actually a great preventive tools, that lets you stay one step forward. You can get details of any suspect just by few digits of phone number so do not underestimate the power of simple look up service. Most effective reverse phone look up service would be intelcheck.com that reveals enough details about any offender withing few minutes

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

How Reverse Phone Look Up Service Actually Works

Reverse phone look up services are actually a kind of phone registry which stores all contact information of people like the phone numbers, their business details, current professions, photos and social media profiles. The main source from where they collect data are the public directories and then the data are managed and stored in right manner, so that at the right time any data can be retrieved easily. These reverse phone look up tool also collects information about the criminals, ex-criminals, sex offenders and predators who are either in prison or already released. Using the appropriate software a customized retrieving system is generated that lets any one to simply input any matching data which in most cases is a phone number to fetch the rest of the information. Questions also arises that how genuine are these reverse phone look up services actually are, so the right answer is, not all the reverse phone look up services are genuine or gives the most accurate data but some premium services like intelecheck.com offers quite accurate and updated data about the unknown number.

Reverse Phone Look Up tools are used to find the details behind the unknown number, and these tools are being used by millions of people alone is U.S. only. The reason being the safety, yes at times we get calls from unknown sources that gives no response or sometimes we get calls from the tel marketing guys asking for credit card and debit card stuffs. The fact is you cannot block all calls so its better to identify the particular number and then block the number. Sometimes tel marketers actually calls to see if the line is working or not, so that they can call again later and present their product or business proposals.

To use such reverse tool, you need to register an account with them and then simply insert the phone number and within few seconds all the details will be right before you. Though there are many free reverse phone look up tools but don’t get trapped by their advertisements, rather go for a premium version as mention above. Once you get the data you can then take necessary measures like acknowledging your kids and relatives regarding the possible risks and danger associated. If the number belongs to any sex offender then you must talk about it with your neighbors and friends.